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TD Sequential(tm) & TD Combo(tm) Indicators & Strategies for Tradestation(tm)

Important Note: We are not affiliated with Tom Demark or Market Studies in any way nor do we mean to imply that. We have trading systems, that we market, that can be viewed real time.



Test any time frame on different markets with the amazing structure of the

TD Sequential(tm) indicator & TD Combo(tm)  Indicator  created by the famed technician Thomas Demark.

The results of the back testing will attest to the genius of the man.

The basic package includes both the indicator sets and the strategy sets.

The strategies give you the ability to back test on the price charts.

With Tradestation(tm) , pages of statistical data are created on the trades

over any time frame.  This will  help you to refine your trades.

Sample of Signals for Dow Industrial and S&P monthly charts (posted Jan 26, 2010)

The top chart shows the counts on the CCI 21, the center chart shows the counts on price

and the bottom chart show the counts are on the Stochastic oscillator.



Sequential Indicators & Strategy for Tradestation (tm) - Includes 4 Modules: TD Sequential Sell(tm), TD Sequential Buy(tm), TD Buy Setup(tm), TD Sell Setup(tm), TDST(tm) - now includes indicators and strategies

Combo Indicators & Strategy for Tradestation (tm) - Includes 4 Modules: TD Combo Sell(tm), TD Combo Buy(tm), TD Buy Setup(tm), TD Sell Setup(tm), TDST(tm) - now includes indicators and strategies

New!! (see below for pricing)- New indicator package. Use TD Combo(tm) , TD Sequential(tm), TD Buy Setup(tm), TD Sell Setup(tm) and TDST(tm) on any indicator or oscillator you like with amazing more timely results (see 2nd chart below)


RadarScreen Workspace example: (double click to magnify):

7. All Indicators and Strategies above (includes EVERYTHING!) for Tradestation (tm) - $2495 (US)

Bonus Demark Indicators (for a limited time).Extras 1. When you purchase either package we will include TD 4 (which is a combined signal for TD clop, TD clopwin, TD trap and TDopen and also a seperate plot for TD camouflage) and you will also receive TD Moving Average2.

Note: all this bonus indicators are for price charts. There are no Demo or Trial products for these indicators or Strategies that is how so much software is illegal opened and used.


* Here is an example of the Demark indicators on the CCI 21 (on top) and the indicators on the price chart on the bottom on the QQQQ 1 minute chart- A Combo Sell and then a Sequential sell came at the top and a Combo buy on the bottom on the CCI while the price chart only had a Seq buy that failed. This was the chart I had up when I finished the indicators but the same thing happened on the Emini the Dow Mini that day which was Dec 18, 2008 - There's an input to put your indicator ie. this used CCI(21), you can use anything ie RSI(c,14) , Stochs, Macd etc.


Note: An excellent book is the new book (2008) by Jason Perl on using the Demark indicators - It's fully endorsed by Tom Demark who gives the introduction. Perl manages a lot of money so it's from a perspective from someone putting money on the line, which is very important. He also mentions using the TD indicators on other oscillators and indicators in the book.


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